Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A House of Her Own

My first post back after some much need time away from things....

To help me get back into a more regular stitching regime, I am taking part in Karens latest class Wrapped and Bound in Stitch.

At this stage i am aiming to use the book "A House of Her Own" as inspiration for a cloth wrapped and bound in stitch, for my daughter, Kim.  You see she has just bought her own home and will be moving out at the end of the year.  You know the feelings a mother has with this. Happy for her. Proud of her. At the same time a touch melancholy......Our family life as we know it is changing........So this book and the Wrapped and Bound in Stitch Cloth i make, will be a surprise for her. A kind of moving out / moving in gift.

This book  "A House of Her Own" just fell into my possession. A kind of  serendipity moment. There it was, in the bookstore window, staring right at me, just when i was walking past in a bit of a dream, a mind wander, thinking of  Kims excitement and her trepidation for her furture. It made me stop in my tracks.  I was immediately reminded of  Karen Ruanes   upcoming class.  Perfect timing really. With the most perfect inspiration on each page.

The book is aimed at around 4 year olds and the story line in the book hits home......The little girl in the book decides to move out. She feels there family home is to small. The father in the book assists his little girl to move out into the tree house. He is a busy beaver, in his glory, to help his little girl...This story book is so fitting for a daddy's girl like mine.

I feel it is going to be an exciting 16 weeks.  Karens classes never disappoint.