Tuesday, March 29, 2016

An Enchanted Escape

"My Writing Excerpt"

She's here. I know she is. That scent gives it away. Her scent. Sweet as honeysuckle. Informing me of her arrival. The birds chitter and chatter filling the air with the most magical hum joining the butterflies who are fluttering above, reinforcing me of her arrival. Letting me know that my faithful friend has arrived.
“Welcome back Shirley,” Emote sings as she flies under the tree, secreting a silvery shimmering light, trailing behind her. She is lighter and swifter than a lightning bolt and fluid as the water in the river.

" My Stitch Interpretation. "

For this post i changed my process and used my stitching to inspire my writing.
A few years back this toadstool poped up in the garden. I imagined fairies flying around with wings as light as feathers and scent as sweet as honeysuckle.
And so began the inspiration for my stitched "Funki Funghi"

She has the beauty and brilliance of a flower in the sun, with scent is as sweet as honeysuckle.

Her hair is as fine as mist, capable of sprinkling particles of happiness
She is able to bequeath the beauty of life through her presence.

Her caring, compassionate words are like petals falling from her lips.
For she is the guardian of emotions, the feelings of life.

This body of work has a focus on the magical world of fairy fantasy.
A dream world in Faraway Places, where declicate fairies play among the trees, flowers and toadstools.
An Enchanted Escape.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

True Encouragement

Grandmother Shirley, Me-Cherie, Aunty Bern, Mum Marlene, Brother Mark, Cousin Dean - Taken in around 1970.

I have always been close with my Grandmother and for as long as I can remember, have maintained a yearning to write about her early years, a challenging period of her life. This drive has really only been a dream, until August last year when purely by chance, I came across the Writers Studio. So late last year I took a couple of introductory classes with them. These classes presented me with the feeling of freedom that expressing my thoughts into written word provides.
The second class, the genre class, was where I embarked on a journey together with my Grandmother Shirley. I interviewed Shirley and wrote my first pieces about her for each of the four short stories.
Although my writing experience is in its infancy, we both valued this so much and found it a means to turn inwards and help us both heal and grow. So In November of 2015, I enrolled in the Writers Studio Online 1st Draft Novel Class to begin in March 2016.
With my motivation at an all-time high, I spent the most recent December and January speaking with Shirley and noting down her memories in preparation for this class. My aim with this novel class was to attempt to write a novel about her early years of her life and present the book to her.
On Australia Day 26th January 2016, after hours of note taking, Shirley said to me, "Well that’s it; that’s the last."
Four days later, Saturday 30th January, she passed away unexpectedly. At the age of 91 she had been doing really well. Walking every morning and maintained a sociable existence with our large family. Aortic Dissection was found to be the cause.
With my emotions, passion and purpose in turmoil the writing aspirations that I set in motion in November 2015, for the upcoming class, were abruptly overturned.  Throughout February I felt like I was grasping at nothingness. Time seemed to stop. And nothing seemed important. My whole body didn’t want to respond to anything. I was frozen in time and I as tried with all my might to put one foot ahead of the other, it felt like I was dragging myself through honey.
However, I have since been informed that she was so thrilled I was writing about her life. Apparently she spoke of it to many family members. It had taken us a few months but i now have many pages of rough notes to hopefully incorporate within this journey. In addition to this she portrayed a sense of relief in letting go of emotional baggage buried within her soul. She was happy and at peace. That is true encouragement for me. So I now pick myself up and recommence one step at a time...

" My Stitch Interpretation. "

For my stitch sampler - I have employed silk ribbon techniques, fabric painting and loose french knots.

 The encouragement i gain from my Grandmother Shirley is shown in my stitch interpretation - A goddess. 
Her hair is as fine as mist, capable of sprinkling particles of happiness. 
Her caring, compassionate words are like petals falling from her lips
She is able to bequeath the beauty of life through her presence.
For she is the guardian of emotions, the feelings of life.