Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Forget Me Not!

Today i begin sharing my writing and stitch interpretation referencing my Grandmother Shirley.



"My Writing Excerpt"

{Below is an excerpt, a small passage, of my narrative from the period in Shirleys life when she was 12 years of age.}
I have moments when I feel like mum is here watching over me. Guiding me with little signs that disappear as quickly as they appear.

Only yesterday I found forget-me-nots growing amongst the brambles on the river bed. Such a strange spot for this pretty blue flower to reside.
Was this a message to me from mum? For me to remember her and all she taught me? I think possibly so, for as i lent over and gently picked one of the forget-me-nots, it scream the moment it was uprooted from the earth. A loud piercing screech, that took me by surprise, but verified my suspicions. This tiny sweet little blue flower was informing me that it is well aware of the rules of nature that mum taught me.
"To love something is to appreciate it. Not own it. Not possess it. So you should never pick a flower you love for it will die and not be the wonder that you loved.
Forget-Me-Nots peeping out of the brambles


" My Stitch Interpretation. "

The piece of work in this image is a woolen blanket that I am in the process of embellishing with Silk Ribbon and Wool embroidery
Blue Forget Me Nots, using 2mm silk ribbon and stitched with ribbon loop stitch

Blue Forget Me Nots, using appletons wool and stitch with lazy daisy stitch


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reflections of 2015

I began 2015 with the intent to begin journal writing as a means to heal and grow. Unbeknown to me at the time, this was my inception into a world that would open up new doors of creativity for me.  As i ventured through each day, I found the journal writing ritual, most enjoyable. Expressing my thoughts into the written word is providing me with an array of inspiration for my needlework endeavors.

After only 3 months of journal writing, the whole process opened up my mind and heart to emotions i didn't even know existed. Keeping in mind that my initital intent with journal writing was to help me heal and grow, and wanting to explore myself further, I found the most amazing mentor Corona Brady and in April 2015 began working with her.
And so began a 9 month journey, with fortnightly meetings via skype, where Corona supported me along the path of self discovery.

Throughout this period Corona taught me meditation, Kundalini yoga, the importance of rituals, mindfulness and an array of other energy healing techniques. This work with Corona, and in particular the deep mediation process that she guided me through, further developed my enquiry skills and I became fascinated by the possibility that patterns, emotions and feelings could, maybe, be passed on down through the generations without us even realising. Hence, i began asking questions about my grandmother and great grandmother.

I am in a very fortunate position. My Grandmother Shirley is here with us and at 91 years of age, is patient enough to participate in my "interviews" of her earlier life. A very hard, sad life indeed.

So for 2016 my writing and stitching focus has begun with further exploration into my grandmother, Shirley and her life journey. I am looking forward to sharing snippets of my writing and stitch interpretations here on my blog throughout 2016.

Four Generations of Girl Power !
From left to right
Kim{my daughter}, Cherie{Me}, Marlene{my mother}, Shirley{my grandmother}