Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 2015 - November Snippets - "Listen to the Whispers"

A little while ago, i came across a Quote on Pinterest.
{It can be  viewed on Pinterest here}. Also, it is just below...

"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream."


Well this was like a little slap on the face for me.  I resonated with it in such a strong way. I journalled on this for many days and then wrote a little piece on how ignoring those whispers felt for me.

"Listen to the Whispers"

I ignored the whispers, the feathery tingles travelling from the pit of my stomach to the tip of my crown.  I didn’t take notice of the murmurs wriggling inside the doughy flesh springing from cell to cell.  It muttered and mumbled trembling with concern, recognising a feeling of dis-ease. Still I didn’t listen, as it continued hissing a tale of a looming threat. I pondered a moment at the disruption and inconvenience, but confidently insisted for the ache and pain to go away.  Groaning it snapped and roared, shooting a burning sensation through each neuron. Angry at my recklessness, the amygdala high jacked my whole brain and overrode all functions within my body.  I sobbed at the unjust burning sensation overtaking me, and wondered how it could have so much power over my body and tender me immobile.  Gulping, I whined “Wasn’t my mind in charge of my brain?” I stammer as I reminisce of my dependable and constant approach to my duties and responsibilities each day. Smirking mercilessly, it reminded me of the imbalance I have created within my body and lack of soul vitamins.

" My Stitch Interpretation. "

Bullion Knots - French Knots - Seed Stitch - Circles

Bullion knots representing the murmers wriggling -squirming - jumping popping and protruding inside the doughy flesh, springing from cell to cell. 

Circles representing the doughy flesh, the brain, the mind.
Neat compact circles portraying a dependable and constant approach to duties and responsibilities each day
Taupe for imbalance within the body and lack of soul vitamins.
Pink for hope, playfulness, soul vitamins, creating and fun

Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. Both red and pink denote love but while red is hot passion, pink is romantic and charming. 


  1. So many of us simply aren't in tune with our bodies and then wonder why it comes as such a surprise when we get slapped upside the head sometimes. We have to learn to be quiet and listen - and pay heed. Your stitch interpretation of this very thing is amazing. Please take care of you!

  2. thanks for this post. the image is very lovely. listening closely to the body can be a challenge when health issues are already in place, but once the listening begins, then successful healing, physical or spiritual, often begins.

  3. Oh my goodness... this is gorgeous. What a beautiful rendering of your thoughts in stitch. The interpretation is perfect, both in colour and stitch - there is hope here, and beauty - a beautiful lesson.
    I do like that quote too - never heard it before but I am copying it down. I know it will guide me too.