Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Journal 2015 - October Snippets - Spring Reminiscing

Spring is in full swing, flower are blooming, baby birds chirping in the trees with longer days to stroll in nature. My journal writing of late has me reflecting on past pieces of  embroidery work. This reminiscing uncovered my spring time lap quilt finished a few years ago. It was made for a little girl. Not that i have a little girl to give it to at the moment. But one day i may and i will be prepared!

   As with most of my embroidery, i begin with a theme to work to. This spring time lap quilt was inspired by Venus-Goddess of Love

Inspiration from "Birth Of Venus" 

The above image was sourced from here
The painting by Alessandro Botticelli, “Birth of Venus” (1485), is among the most treasured masterpieces of the Renaissance.
In Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” (1485), the goddess Venus [also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology]   emerges full grown from the sea foam on a shell. The shell is pushed to the shore from the winds produced by the Zephyr wind-gods amongst a shower of roses. As the goddess is about to step on the shore, the Goddess of Seasons reaches out to cover her with a flowered cloak.
According to Mythology Venus is the Goddess of Love and is also known as the Goddess of:-
o Love
o Heart
o Doves / Swans
o Art
o Inspiration
o Creativity
o All things Gracefull
o Roses
o Gardens
o Cultivated Fields
In this image, I see Venus as a picture of beauty and pure, innocence. For me, It also portrays a symbol of spring, as it is known that when Venus first set foot on dry land—flowers sprung from her footsteps.

"My Stitch Interpretation"

My Crazy Patchwork lap quilt includes embellishments depicting gardens-roses-hearts-love-cultivated fields.   The colours I worked with have a focus on spring, keeping in line with the goddess Venus as she stepped onto the shore, from the shell and is greeted by the Goddess of Seasons - spring who is said to reach out and cover her with a flowered cloak.

 And here is a little bit about the colours i have used,

Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. Both red and pink denote love but while red is hot passion, pink is romantic and charming.Some of the words that represent the various shades of the color pink are Salmon, coral, hot pink, fuschia, blush, flesh, flush, fuchsia, rose
A well know phrases people say about the word pink is “Tickled pink -This means the person Is happy, content”.
I have used pink on this piece to convey playfulness. It is thought by many that pink is a little girl colour.
Green is life and renewal. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. Green is a restful color. Because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Green is a colour that has warming and cooling effect. The color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability.
Some of the words that represent the shades of green are emerald, sea green, seafoam, olive, olive drab, pea green, grass green, apple, mint, forest, lawn green, lime, spring green, leaf green, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, fir,, pine, moss, jade, sage, sap, viridian
I have used green alongside blue to give an effect of nature - water and forest. Together they can signify new beginnings and growth.  

Blue is a calming colour.In many cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs. It is thought to bringbrings peace, andis believed to keep the bad spirits away.Blue conveys importance and confidence True blue - someone loyal and faithful.Words know torepresent various shades of the color blue are sapphire, azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sky blue, baby blue, robin's egg blue, cyan, cornflower blue, midnight blue, slate, steel blue, Prussian blue.
A well know saying is“Out of the blue” – which is talking about something unexpected (could be positive or negative)   
Yellow is a cheerful, sunshine colour. It is a warm color that signifies hope and happiness Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow is a colour that stimulates the nervous system,activates the memory and encourages communication

Well known phrases for yellow are:--
oYellow ribbon – Which is used as a symbol of hope, support, remembrance
oMellow yellow – Represents a laid back approach.
Well known words that represent the various shades of the color yellow are:- Lemon, yellow ocher, golden, saffron, cream, topaz, mellow yellow.
Although it can work as the primary color, yellow often works best as a companion to other colors.I have used a bright yellow to create excitement and perk up the subdued blue and pink.


  1. I love this! Venus would be so pleased to have a cloak such as this, and I really enjoyed reading about all the colours. Great post!

    1. Thank you again Mary Anne. Love your visits.

  2. A lovely post and your embroidery and lap quilt are a work of art as well.