Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 2015 - September Snippets - A Broken Heart - Healed

My previous post {September 24th},  published my thoughts on "A Broken Heart", a story i had written in a recent creative writing class and my stitch interpretation.

Mary-Ann from Magpies Mumblings, popped by for a visit and kindly suggested i stitch a pocket on the back of the heart. A home for the story... I loved that idea. Done! It gives more meaning to both pieces, the stitching and the writing. They now live together like they were always meant to. I feel like the broken heart is healed.  Thank you Mary Ann, you are welcome to visit and offer your suggestion and guidance any time.

My crazy patch heart has also had a touch of buttonhole lace stitched around the edge.
It is now complete.




  1. Guidance? Me? Hardly!! More apt to be totally unsolicited sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong!! I suppose the idea of including the story with the art comes from my being interested in family histories and dealing with photos that are totally unnamed and undated. Having the provenance is important to me because of that.

    1. AHH, but you dont even realise that your "sticking nose in" has in this instance guided me. It has awakened me. Your ideas about the story - art - family - provenance - named - dated are so relevant to where i am heading with my journal, writing and stitching. So please feel free to "stick your nose in" anytime......

  2. Beautiful - I also love the idea of the pocket on the back - it's brilliant!
    Your stitched heart is lovely, just lovely...