Thursday, September 24, 2015

Journal 2015 - September Snippets - "A Broken Heart"

As i reflect on my journal writing of September, it is highlighting that many within my circle have experienced some of lifes little let downs, failures, hardship, and situations where they feel like their heart is breaking.
I'm sure you know the feeling, - your heart is shattering, splitting and bursting at the seams. 
It is fair to assume that most of us have suffered from a broken heart at sometime in our life.
 With this in mind i am sharing another little story i recently wrote in a Creative Writing class.

  " A Broken Heart!"

Cocooned within its cage, deep down in the core of her sole, her Anahata is experiencing an earth quake.  Her Sushumna nadi, the body’s great river that meanders along the spine is cut of as it reaches the heart chakra, disconnecting the self-perpetuating hoop of life.
She notices her heart palpitating, pompously promoting the story, retelling of her despair, as she watches the outside world with puzzlement.  “Do they not see her heart is in the pits of despair?” she thinks as feelings of disassociation arrive.
Tremors of sadness ripple through her heart, reminding of her romantic foolishness, where she spontaneously placed her happiness in another’s hands, who ensured ostentatious manipulation.  
As she battles with acceptance, the seed of fear begins to surge, splintering her gelatinous heart, and tendering an eeriness to her presence.   Her altruism stolen, she is now arrested in time; her heart frozen and pained endorsing her scarring.  Her love energy has tiptoed away, mysteriously hidden from its possessor.    Prickling, and heavy, her chest tightens, breathing becomes slow and she grasps for air, seeking a way out of this labyrinth. 

"And now for my stitch interpretation. "

 What better way to interperate a broken heart than with a gold crazy patchwork heart!
Bursting seams sew back together with tiny little embroidered flowers, using one thread strand of gumnuts silk.
 Gold - is the dominant colour for my stitched heart.
This was chosen to help mend the broken heart by portraying the cheerful, bright side of the hue.
 { I did a touch of research on the colour Gold last year which can be seen here}


  1. I like your interpretation Cherie. Perhaps you could attach a wee pocket on the back that might hold the story? Or maybe you already did!

  2. Wow, it's beautiful! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  3. Wonderful - the stitched interpretation of your words is spot on Cherie - a perfect rendering of your beautiful story...