Monday, August 24, 2015

Journal 2015 - July to August Snippets - Perfecting the Frankenstein Myth

You can’t control the future or predict what will happen next, or can you!
Over the past few months "Perfectionism" has been consuming me with a desire to discover the secret of life, the Frankenstein monster in my mind created by my own addiction to seek the knowledge required for flawlessness. You know the feeling, It begins with insanely sewing together each thread of life for a seamless identity. The Frankenstein monster wanting to be recognised as perfect, but in an instant hypocrisy arrives and manipulates the outcome. In solitude It avoids completing projects due to suffering the beliefs of failure and hatred for self from crippling high standards. However the voice of the self-oppressor secretly looms with the question, success or failure?

Well i think success won out here. It took a while, but from my two crazy patchwork pieces worked in May and June were born a little pouch and pocket designed to hold my deepest thoughts. Very proud of them i am.. Many, many thanks must go to Karen Ruane and her brilliant online class, Embroidered Pockets. As usual her class offered the finest guidance and support you could ever wish for. In fact i am so enthralled by Karens generous and supportive approach within her classes, that i am just about to sign up for her latest class, Karen Ruane - Sampling for Stitch which begins on 7th September.


  1. Cherie, first of all thank you, second......this is you not me, this creation was made with your hands, your touch, your innermost thoughts, doubts,'s superb. As a holder of your thoughts this is will remember each stitch and why it was placed, why it was chosen....we would love to see this in the group too. It for flawlessness, perfection.....our little imperfections contribute to our uniqueness, shape us and inform the choices we make. There is a case for embracing those....

  2. I love, love, love your little pouch!! You definitely have reason to be proud - and I love the symbolism as well. Yay!!

  3. Your work is lovely, but more importantly, it's yours - wonderfully unique, expressing what you think, feel and love about thread and stitch, what's in your heart and in your mind. These are both so lovely to look at Cherie - I always delight in the things you do.
    I signed up for the new class and am very keen to get going on it after missing the latest one - I knew I would never be able to keep up as there has just been too much going on around here for me to have a hope of much stitching at all, never mind a class. I'm ready for this next one though, and hope to see you there.