Sunday, July 26, 2015

Journal 2015 - June Snippets - Crazy Life - Crazy Patch

Earlier this year, i began journal writing for the first time ever. My first post back in January 2015 described my intent, which can be viewed if you look here.  At that time i thought that journal writing would help me look inwards and write down my innermost thoughts and feelings. I am so pleased to say that six months later, It is doing that and is helping me to heal and grow in so many different ways.   Most importantly, i am learning to  slow down, stop, and be in the moment, mindfulness. Sometimes just spending time alone, is the best medicine to help slow down.
Amazingly it is in these moments that i feel like i have a birds eye view of what is happening around me...and i am able to see what is the best and most wise approach to dealing with my current experiences, emotions and decisions.  I am so amazed that If i spend an hour journalling, doodling, and stitching, i feel so clear in my mind and am then able to identify what i need to be more mindfull of my own needs. 
Following on from May, I am still on the crazy patchwork-crazy life theme. i have been focusing on embellishing the seams of a velvet crazy patchwork piece, using feather stitch and french knots to produce the sweetest little flowers, which provide a sense of peace on top of the crazy patches..




  1. That's an exquisite piece! There is definitely something calming about stitching and such a relaxing way to pass time. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  2. oh it's delightful Cherie, such beautiful's good to see you blogging again too x

  3. This is another wonderful creation - I love those tiny little flowers, especially against the rich velvet. So pretty!