Monday, January 19, 2015

Journal Writing - Growth and Healing

 Looking back at my Dear Diary 2014 project, it is a Sampler Book - a Needlework Ledger, to keep on display ensuring that my stitching future is full of inspiration.   It has become a picture journey of my stitching travels from 2014.
Within my needlework ventures,  I would now like to include words that have meaning to me, -- my thoughts, feelings and daily experiences. Casual writing is something that i have always enjoyed, and I love the feeling of expressing my thoughts into written words,
which, I have decided, will form the basis of my hand embroidery journey for 2015. 
So for 2015 it is my intent to begin journal writing for the very first time.  
From this journal writing I will take snippets, sentences or just one word and interpret that into some form of Needlework.
 I have conducted a touch of research beginning with looking at two books and websites,
The Artists Way -  Julia Cameron 
Creative Journal Writing  - Stephanie Dowrick
I beleive that journal writing is a means to turn inwards and write down your innermost thoughts and feelings.    This process of journal writing will be another valuable tool to help me heal and grow.





  1. I"m looking forward to seeing what you do next provided, of course, you choose to share it with us!

    1. Yes, absolutely sharing with you. Stay tuned....

  2. this is exactly the step I took last year... I've tried journal writing several times and I did well for a while but then stopped... never able to find a good time that always worked, and often ran out of words... I got bored with it I think. Last January 1st I began The Artist's Way and did well - I am just at the the last ten pages now, and have written every day since then, but one. I've missed just one day - can't quite believe that. I think it has to do with finding the right time as much as finding the right words... my writing is done every morning after reading blogs, emails and the news but before breakfast. As for what I write about - I found my writing gravitated more to creative thoughts than anything else - since it was "thought-streaming", and I ALWAYS think about stitching, it was a natural fit. Sometimes other subjects creep in but rarely and the best part is I never have to worry about anyone reading it - there's nothing there that can't be read by someone else.... I do love it so.
    I wish you the best of luck with it!

  3. your diary project contains enough inspiration to last a lifetime.....good luck with the journal, it will be fascinating to see how that informs your creativity Cherie

  4. I love the idea of your diary, journal, needlework journey. I do a lot of journaling and art journaling but never been consistant enough to have a full year..... I will use it for my inspiration.