Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Diary 2014 - Beginning and Ending

Dear Diary 2014, The Beginning

I began this project in February 2014, incorporating my V&A 2014 Diary, which has the most exquisite images from the V&A Collection. Each week of this diary has an image of embroidery, patchwork, fashion, clothes, shoes and many more items, from the V&A collection.
The V&A museum, has an abundance of inspirational items,  take a look at this Pinterest - Diary Cover, which I found quite interesting. It is my understanding that it is from collections from the V&A museum.

I did not use this diary to write my "to do list or appointments", instead each week i produced a small piece of needlework inspired by the picture for that week. To look back to the beginning, my interpretation for Week 1, can be seen here . The following weeks can be found on the right hand side of my blog under "Labels"

The Begining Cover of my Diary that i purchased in January 2014


 Dear Diary 2014 - The Ending

All good things come to an end. Now completed, my 2014 Diary has a weekly ledger of a stitched sample of varying techniques.

It now lives in my library, where the book no long closes flat, but sits proudly, with pages swaying, waiting with anticipation, to be discovered.

My Dear Diary 2014 project has been an amazing journey that has not only captured a piece of needlework that i have produced but a memory of how i I was feeling or what I was doing at that point in time..

It has become a Sampler Book - a Needlework Ledger, to keep on display ensuring that my stitching future is full of inspiring, stirring, stimulating, motivating and encouraging dreams, concepts and designs 


  1. You have done something amazing...not only through your art work, but managing to stay on task for so long. You should be so proud of this project!!

  2. A beautiful project, this is inspiring. Are you planning a 2015 one?