Friday, January 30, 2015

2015 Journal Project - January Snippets - Worry

For me 2015 began quietly, with peacefully thoughts of the year ahead. By the 3rdof January we woke to an SMS from the CFS Bushfire Emergency Warning,  with a fire warning and to be on alert, possible evacuation. This lasted until 9thJanuary. 
We were not evacuated, we were the lucky ones, safe and sound. 
Throughout this period, as I wrote in my journal each day, it alerted me to the point that one day we are happy, content, and peaceful, but these feelings can all change in a moment. Which can bring about worry.
My "Worry Doodles"
We all have worries in life, big or small. I believe that in reality a situation is usually made worse by worry, because the mind is consumed, overly focused, on the worry and not on a possible solution.
 My "Worry Doodles" Big or Small
Worry is the Dark Room in our brain where Negativity resides. . I have noticed that quite often I worry about things that never actually happen, or things that are in the past and can’t be changed. If not careful, this can lead to bouts of negative thoughts.
"Worry is the Dark Room in our Brain, where Negativity Resides"
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by some form of worry, where the emotion totally consumes you, takes over your mind and seems to control what you are thinking..............

 The dictionary tells me that "Worry", is to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret, anxieties, trouble, uneasiness
Which brings me to my "2015 Journal Project", - first stitch interpretaion of what is happening within my Journal Writing. The focus is on Worry and the effect it has on our lives along with guidance by the dictionary meanings, Troubles, Anxiety, Uneasiness, Disturbing Thoughts, and Frets...

My stitch interpretaion for Worry - Going around in Circles, Worry Lines, Bumps in our travells, Pit holes, Frayed Nerves.
Stitch Interpretation
Trouble, = Going around in Circles, = White wrapping of threads
Anxiety, = Worry Lines, = Gold stright stitches
Uneasiness, = Bumps in daily travels, =Grey and White Bullion Knots
Disturbing Thoughts, = Pit holes  = negative space created by the fraying and circles, = Grey handmade paper behind holes.
Fret, = Frayed nerves - Scrim with Pulled Threads to create Holes within the scrim, =Ecru and Gold.

Materials Engaged
Cheese Cloth,
Sheer fabric snippets - Gold
Lace snippets - ecru
DMC Stranded - Gold
Cosmo Stranded - Grey 154 
DMC Pearl No 8 - Ecru
FME {Free Machine Embroidery}
Wrapping Threads
Bullion Knots
French Knots

My stitch interpretation has been guided by what i am learning in Karen Ruane's class Swathed in Stitch

Worry does not solve anything. Worry does not prevent anything. Worry does not heal anything.
When we worry, we often don’t trust, but when we trust we don’t worry.

For me trust is an emotion within us where we assess the likelihood of gain and loss, then conclude whether the other party will behave in a predictable manner. It is taking a chance, instead of worrying what the outcome will be.
Coincidentally, as i was writing this post, i also came across Stephanie Dowrick on Light in the Darkness . About 3 paragraphs down, Stephanie Dowrick talks about "Enlightened Mind - a mind where light can shine even on its own darkness fearlessly" .
How’s that for trust. Trusting that what you require, will be provided, when you need it most, but least expect it.


  1. Hello Cherie! I love your worry doodles and your interpretation of them in stitches/cloth. I like the meanings you have expressed too! :) xx

  2. How frightening to spend so many days not knowing what to expect - your stress level must have been so high throughout that time, not only being afraid for yourselves but also the concern for those who were directly affected. Your choice to express your thoughts through your art was so right and I'm sure helped a great deal. Blessings on you my friend. Take care!

  3. thank you for sharing your thought process here Cherie, documenting your innermost worries and your response to those....