Monday, November 30, 2015

Journal 2015 - November Snippets - "Listen to the Whispers"

A little while ago, i came across a Quote on Pinterest.
{It can be  viewed on Pinterest here}. Also, it is just below...

"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream."


Well this was like a little slap on the face for me.  I resonated with it in such a strong way. I journalled on this for many days and then wrote a little piece on how ignoring those whispers felt for me.

"Listen to the Whispers"

I ignored the whispers, the feathery tingles travelling from the pit of my stomach to the tip of my crown.  I didn’t take notice of the murmurs wriggling inside the doughy flesh springing from cell to cell.  It muttered and mumbled trembling with concern, recognising a feeling of dis-ease. Still I didn’t listen, as it continued hissing a tale of a looming threat. I pondered a moment at the disruption and inconvenience, but confidently insisted for the ache and pain to go away.  Groaning it snapped and roared, shooting a burning sensation through each neuron. Angry at my recklessness, the amygdala high jacked my whole brain and overrode all functions within my body.  I sobbed at the unjust burning sensation overtaking me, and wondered how it could have so much power over my body and tender me immobile.  Gulping, I whined “Wasn’t my mind in charge of my brain?” I stammer as I reminisce of my dependable and constant approach to my duties and responsibilities each day. Smirking mercilessly, it reminded me of the imbalance I have created within my body and lack of soul vitamins.

" My Stitch Interpretation. "

Bullion Knots - French Knots - Seed Stitch - Circles

Bullion knots representing the murmers wriggling -squirming - jumping popping and protruding inside the doughy flesh, springing from cell to cell. 

Circles representing the doughy flesh, the brain, the mind.
Neat compact circles portraying a dependable and constant approach to duties and responsibilities each day
Taupe for imbalance within the body and lack of soul vitamins.
Pink for hope, playfulness, soul vitamins, creating and fun

Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. Both red and pink denote love but while red is hot passion, pink is romantic and charming. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Journal 2015 - October Snippets - Spring Reminiscing

Spring is in full swing, flower are blooming, baby birds chirping in the trees with longer days to stroll in nature. My journal writing of late has me reflecting on past pieces of  embroidery work. This reminiscing uncovered my spring time lap quilt finished a few years ago. It was made for a little girl. Not that i have a little girl to give it to at the moment. But one day i may and i will be prepared!

   As with most of my embroidery, i begin with a theme to work to. This spring time lap quilt was inspired by Venus-Goddess of Love

Inspiration from "Birth Of Venus" 

The above image was sourced from here
The painting by Alessandro Botticelli, “Birth of Venus” (1485), is among the most treasured masterpieces of the Renaissance.
In Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” (1485), the goddess Venus [also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology]   emerges full grown from the sea foam on a shell. The shell is pushed to the shore from the winds produced by the Zephyr wind-gods amongst a shower of roses. As the goddess is about to step on the shore, the Goddess of Seasons reaches out to cover her with a flowered cloak.
According to Mythology Venus is the Goddess of Love and is also known as the Goddess of:-
o Love
o Heart
o Doves / Swans
o Art
o Inspiration
o Creativity
o All things Gracefull
o Roses
o Gardens
o Cultivated Fields
In this image, I see Venus as a picture of beauty and pure, innocence. For me, It also portrays a symbol of spring, as it is known that when Venus first set foot on dry land—flowers sprung from her footsteps.

"My Stitch Interpretation"

My Crazy Patchwork lap quilt includes embellishments depicting gardens-roses-hearts-love-cultivated fields.   The colours I worked with have a focus on spring, keeping in line with the goddess Venus as she stepped onto the shore, from the shell and is greeted by the Goddess of Seasons - spring who is said to reach out and cover her with a flowered cloak.

 And here is a little bit about the colours i have used,

Pink is a softer, less violent red. Pink is the sweet side of red. Both red and pink denote love but while red is hot passion, pink is romantic and charming.Some of the words that represent the various shades of the color pink are Salmon, coral, hot pink, fuschia, blush, flesh, flush, fuchsia, rose
A well know phrases people say about the word pink is “Tickled pink -This means the person Is happy, content”.
I have used pink on this piece to convey playfulness. It is thought by many that pink is a little girl colour.
Green is life and renewal. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. Green is a restful color. Because of all the green in nature the color is reminiscent of Spring. Green is a colour that has warming and cooling effect. The color green denotes balance, harmony, and stability.
Some of the words that represent the shades of green are emerald, sea green, seafoam, olive, olive drab, pea green, grass green, apple, mint, forest, lawn green, lime, spring green, leaf green, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, fir,, pine, moss, jade, sage, sap, viridian
I have used green alongside blue to give an effect of nature - water and forest. Together they can signify new beginnings and growth.  

Blue is a calming colour.In many cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs. It is thought to bringbrings peace, andis believed to keep the bad spirits away.Blue conveys importance and confidence True blue - someone loyal and faithful.Words know torepresent various shades of the color blue are sapphire, azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sky blue, baby blue, robin's egg blue, cyan, cornflower blue, midnight blue, slate, steel blue, Prussian blue.
A well know saying is“Out of the blue” – which is talking about something unexpected (could be positive or negative)   
Yellow is a cheerful, sunshine colour. It is a warm color that signifies hope and happiness Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow is a colour that stimulates the nervous system,activates the memory and encourages communication

Well known phrases for yellow are:--
oYellow ribbon – Which is used as a symbol of hope, support, remembrance
oMellow yellow – Represents a laid back approach.
Well known words that represent the various shades of the color yellow are:- Lemon, yellow ocher, golden, saffron, cream, topaz, mellow yellow.
Although it can work as the primary color, yellow often works best as a companion to other colors.I have used a bright yellow to create excitement and perk up the subdued blue and pink.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Journal 2015 - September Snippets - A Broken Heart - Healed

My previous post {September 24th},  published my thoughts on "A Broken Heart", a story i had written in a recent creative writing class and my stitch interpretation.

Mary-Ann from Magpies Mumblings, popped by for a visit and kindly suggested i stitch a pocket on the back of the heart. A home for the story... I loved that idea. Done! It gives more meaning to both pieces, the stitching and the writing. They now live together like they were always meant to. I feel like the broken heart is healed.  Thank you Mary Ann, you are welcome to visit and offer your suggestion and guidance any time.

My crazy patch heart has also had a touch of buttonhole lace stitched around the edge.
It is now complete.



Thursday, September 24, 2015

Journal 2015 - September Snippets - "A Broken Heart"

As i reflect on my journal writing of September, it is highlighting that many within my circle have experienced some of lifes little let downs, failures, hardship, and situations where they feel like their heart is breaking.
I'm sure you know the feeling, - your heart is shattering, splitting and bursting at the seams. 
It is fair to assume that most of us have suffered from a broken heart at sometime in our life.
 With this in mind i am sharing another little story i recently wrote in a Creative Writing class.

  " A Broken Heart!"

Cocooned within its cage, deep down in the core of her sole, her Anahata is experiencing an earth quake.  Her Sushumna nadi, the body’s great river that meanders along the spine is cut of as it reaches the heart chakra, disconnecting the self-perpetuating hoop of life.
She notices her heart palpitating, pompously promoting the story, retelling of her despair, as she watches the outside world with puzzlement.  “Do they not see her heart is in the pits of despair?” she thinks as feelings of disassociation arrive.
Tremors of sadness ripple through her heart, reminding of her romantic foolishness, where she spontaneously placed her happiness in another’s hands, who ensured ostentatious manipulation.  
As she battles with acceptance, the seed of fear begins to surge, splintering her gelatinous heart, and tendering an eeriness to her presence.   Her altruism stolen, she is now arrested in time; her heart frozen and pained endorsing her scarring.  Her love energy has tiptoed away, mysteriously hidden from its possessor.    Prickling, and heavy, her chest tightens, breathing becomes slow and she grasps for air, seeking a way out of this labyrinth. 

"And now for my stitch interpretation. "

 What better way to interperate a broken heart than with a gold crazy patchwork heart!
Bursting seams sew back together with tiny little embroidered flowers, using one thread strand of gumnuts silk.
 Gold - is the dominant colour for my stitched heart.
This was chosen to help mend the broken heart by portraying the cheerful, bright side of the hue.
 { I did a touch of research on the colour Gold last year which can be seen here}

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Journal 2015 - Snippets from the beginning of Spring - "The Journey of a Raindrop"

OK..It is officially the 2nd day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is raining, quite a lot actually, with dark clouds looming and storms predicted for the rest of the day.
With this in mind i am sharing a little story i recently wrote in a Creative Writing class with the  Writers Studio.

"The Journey of a Raindrop!"    

Hoovering helpless within the clouds, anxiously awaiting my opportunity to slip through an air current, and join my siblings. The clap of thunder stormed through my body as the signal for my journey to begin.  Inhaling a deep breath of courage, I squirm, squeeze and press myself through the crack, determined not to be left behind.  "Made it", exhilarated and free, my first journey to the land below. There is no time to experience the fear of falling, as I am drawn down by some powerful magnetic force. I cannot stop it as I plummet faster and faster into the unknown. Suddenly PLONK I have come for a momentary rest upon a wing of an eagle soaring home to safety.  Propelled back into the crowd of siblings, I commence my journey down, towards the human creatures.  In a moment I am of the absurd realisation that they appear to be afraid of us, as they scurry for cover. I giggle at this as I slip and slither down the wet shiny surface of a car and then fall ka-plonk onto the grey surface.  Distorted, but not hurt, I pick myself up and feel a touch annoyed at the thoughtless clumsy human creatures everywhere that I have to sidestep. My siblings join me and we skip and trickle to form an elongated stream of water and meander along the gutter, down the dark hole into the pipeline. As I see the ocean ahead, I realise that my journey to this strange land is nearing an end and aching for the chance to do it again.

"And now for my stitch interpretation. "

"Hoovering helpless within the clouds"
Frothy machine embroidered scrim to represent clouds
"I giggle at this as I slip and slither down the wet shiny surface of a car and then fall ka-plonk onto the grey surface."
French knots in raindrop shapes.
"My siblings join me and we skip and trickle to form an elongated stream of water and meander along the gutter, down the dark hole into the pipeline."
Lace and French knots forming a line

Monday, August 24, 2015

Journal 2015 - July to August Snippets - Perfecting the Frankenstein Myth

You can’t control the future or predict what will happen next, or can you!
Over the past few months "Perfectionism" has been consuming me with a desire to discover the secret of life, the Frankenstein monster in my mind created by my own addiction to seek the knowledge required for flawlessness. You know the feeling, It begins with insanely sewing together each thread of life for a seamless identity. The Frankenstein monster wanting to be recognised as perfect, but in an instant hypocrisy arrives and manipulates the outcome. In solitude It avoids completing projects due to suffering the beliefs of failure and hatred for self from crippling high standards. However the voice of the self-oppressor secretly looms with the question, success or failure?

Well i think success won out here. It took a while, but from my two crazy patchwork pieces worked in May and June were born a little pouch and pocket designed to hold my deepest thoughts. Very proud of them i am.. Many, many thanks must go to Karen Ruane and her brilliant online class, Embroidered Pockets. As usual her class offered the finest guidance and support you could ever wish for. In fact i am so enthralled by Karens generous and supportive approach within her classes, that i am just about to sign up for her latest class, Karen Ruane - Sampling for Stitch which begins on 7th September.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Journal 2015 - June Snippets - Crazy Life - Crazy Patch

Earlier this year, i began journal writing for the first time ever. My first post back in January 2015 described my intent, which can be viewed if you look here.  At that time i thought that journal writing would help me look inwards and write down my innermost thoughts and feelings. I am so pleased to say that six months later, It is doing that and is helping me to heal and grow in so many different ways.   Most importantly, i am learning to  slow down, stop, and be in the moment, mindfulness. Sometimes just spending time alone, is the best medicine to help slow down.
Amazingly it is in these moments that i feel like i have a birds eye view of what is happening around me...and i am able to see what is the best and most wise approach to dealing with my current experiences, emotions and decisions.  I am so amazed that If i spend an hour journalling, doodling, and stitching, i feel so clear in my mind and am then able to identify what i need to be more mindfull of my own needs. 
Following on from May, I am still on the crazy patchwork-crazy life theme. i have been focusing on embellishing the seams of a velvet crazy patchwork piece, using feather stitch and french knots to produce the sweetest little flowers, which provide a sense of peace on top of the crazy patches..



Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jounal 2015 - May Snippets - "The Crazy Life we Lead"

May has been a busy month for me with work and family commitments...And i am so thankful to have my journal writing to fall into each day. I am still realy enjoying the process of releasing my thoughts into writing.  One of the things that I have noticed is that life does have moments of crazy times, where my best laid plans fall apart, my daily rituals and schedules upheavaled, often due to external sources. Fustrating yes....But i am learning to go with what happens, take each moment as it comes and being mindful of my own needs as I piece back together my intentions and goals to the best of my ability. Much like a crazy patchwork.
My crazy patchwork below, has been randomly pieced together and then embellished with a few of my favourite things., items that i enjoy or have respect for.

Mindfullness to me is all about being in the moment and giving to yourself what you need right now.
Music for relaxation and fun and a sign of hope for the future.

A walk in nature nourishes the soul and energises the creative flow.

A few of my favouite nourishing beverages, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea
A few more of my favouite things.,   Angels, Cherubs and Love

Monday, May 11, 2015

Journal 2015 - February to April Snippets - Grey - "Emotion Interpretation".

Grey is a colour that I have been drawn to for a while now, and when looking into Colour theory and the personality of the colour grey, "Look Here" I do display many of the traits.

Apparently loving the colour grey means you are trying to protect yourself from the chaotic outside world, and reflecting on my Journal entries for the past few months I have to admit that I have been isolating myself from others. Even my blog posts have been lacking recently, but my daily journal entries have been blooming with thoughts,--  thoughts of fear, of my ambitions, my purpose in life-- yearning for answers, for guidance.

 Out on one of my recent walks,  these little droppings {left photo} caught my eye again., and so i roughly doodled them.
They were also featured  here   
This then formed the inspiration for my second stitched journal interpretation piece.
Beginning with free machine embroidered circles, then Bullion knots clumped on top of each other, Detached Buttonhole, french knots scattered and clumped on top of each other, applique balls and buttonhole cut holes. 
This piece is continuing on from my last post here from January Journal thoughts, where i was investigating stitch interpretation for Worry-Fear-Troubles-Anxiety etc... Most of this year, I have been delving further into these same emotions and the effect they have on me.

The materials used in my Sampler are, card butterfly motifs, hand made paper, brown paper bags, bark from a paper bark tree, balsa wood, threads and silk fabric.  What a combination!

 This is my second stitch piece of what i have now named  "Emotion Interpretation".
It may seem dark, and gloomy, but i am finding that you need to begin at the beginning.
My journal writing began in January 2015,  with getting all of my thoughts out of my head and onto paper-my journal,  "JULIA CAMERON" calls the Morning Pages kind of a  "Dumping Ground".

I like this, because i am journaling thoughts and emotions that have been stored in my head for a long time. They are thoughts i dont really want anymore - thoughts that i have been hanging onto, and now I have a tool to help them be released, removed from my head and dumped into my journal.
That is the beginning. I accept that i am at the beginning.
The beginning of a cleansing  - clearing of the mind.
I already feel freer, clearer in my mind. It is a good thing.