Friday, December 19, 2014

Dear Diary 2014 - Week 44

27.10.14 TO 2.11.14
The V&A Diary image for Week 44 is "Design for brocaded silk, Lyon, France, about 1765-70"
My interpretation is a piece of floral fabric, picking up the pink green and beige colours.

"Design for brocaded silk, Lyon, France, about 1765-70"


  1. I LOVE this diary of yours, such a unique challenge. Your interpretations are lovely.

  2. I would say it's a perfect piece of fabric to blend with the inspiration picture. I've been embroidering roses all afternoon so it's nice to see yours!

  3. the fabric matches this design perfectly, it's almost as if it's printed from the same design sheet....

  4. This is lovely - a perfect match as Karen says. I've gotten behind on looking at these and have enjoyed scrolling through and reading what you've done. The use of paper has added another layer of interest and possibility - truly a gem here, this work of yours Cherie. Such a wonderful year long venture… what's next?