Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ribbon Embroidery Group - Gallery Display 2014

The Ribbon Embroidery Group meets on the 1st Saturday of each month for 4-5 hours of stitching, eating, chatting  and enjoying each other's company.  The group currently consists of four fortunate members, fortunate, because for many years we were the recipients of a passionate, vivacious convener, Merrill. Over the years we relied on Merrill’s enthusiastic support and guidance, but that all ended at the end of 2012, with Merrills passing.
As a tribute to Merrill, February 2013 began with a study of Merrill’s Ribbon Embroidery work. With the kind permission of Merrill’s daughter, Joanne, we gently and fondly began exploring two of Merrill’s Fabric Books / Journal Covers. Both were incomplete, with thread dangling waiting, to be stitched onto the fabric, resulting in an emotional morning.

We have spent the past two years collectively studying her work, researching the different Ribbon Embroidery stitches used, and have enjoyed playing and practicing. Consequently we are gaining valuable knowledge and understanding of the techniques of Ribbon Embroidery, along with treasured friendship and support.
Our aim is to broaden our knowledge of Ribbon Embroidery techniques, along with discovering other embroidery styles. We not only look at learning and practicing traditional ribbon embroidery technique, but also enjoy applying the traditional techniques in a contemporary manner.

As you can see from the photo below, the members of the group also have the freedom to try any embroidery technique, not just Ribbon Embroidery.

Ribbon Embroidery Group - Gallery Display - November to December 2014


  1. This is such a lovely way to remember a special person, and learn wonderful new techniques at the same time. What a beautiful tribute...

  2. I can imagine the emotion felt when handling your friends unfinished work....