Monday, July 28, 2014


I have been absent for about 6 weeks, not on a holiday but a break from technology and day to day routines. I enjoy learning new things, broadening my horizons, but I did take on more than I could handle at one time. My demise began with tonsillitis and sinusitis, which wiped me out for quite a few weeks and had me sitting around with no energy and thinking about things, life, work, hobbies.  At one point many questions were buzzing around my head, why am I doing this? what do I need this for, what is the point? I liken the feeling to a midlife crisis, except for me it came as a MidYear Crisis. I became quite ill, totally exhausted and a sudden recognition of the passing of time, where my own expectations come under review.  So began a period of self-reflection and looking at health issues. Naturally like many other people, I want to feel better, lose weight, and have more energy. So I have begun a program to attend to some of my identified issues, that includes lots of walks, change my eating habits and give myself some downtime.
Out Walking - Our Lilly Pond

Out Walking - Being Winter i have stubbled across a variety of different toadstools

Out Walking - Enjoying a morning walk with the sun trying real hard to peep through the clouds
Out Walking - Even the cat joins us for the walks

Out Walking - Our Alpacas were surprised to see me in their paddock

Out Walking - One little creature who wasnt impressed with crossing our path
Downtime  - Walking can be very tiring !!



  1. it's good to have you were missed. I hope you feel much, much better soon....

  2. you live in a beautiful piece of paradise Cherie hope you feel better soon!

  3. I've missed you and was just about to ask if you were okay. Take time for you and get yourself feeling better and we will be waiting for when you come back.