Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dear Diary 2014 - Week 25

16th June to 22nd June 2014
The V&A Rose - below right corner is, Detail from a brocaded silk, Spitafields, London,1760-70 
For my stitch sampler i have picked up the colours red, green, blue and cream and used silk ribbon.
Left - I have worked a spider web rose with lasy daisy buds using 4mm silk ribbon.
Right - I have worked a little bud using wire edged ribbon.


Monday, July 28, 2014


I have been absent for about 6 weeks, not on a holiday but a break from technology and day to day routines. I enjoy learning new things, broadening my horizons, but I did take on more than I could handle at one time. My demise began with tonsillitis and sinusitis, which wiped me out for quite a few weeks and had me sitting around with no energy and thinking about things, life, work, hobbies.  At one point many questions were buzzing around my head, why am I doing this? what do I need this for, what is the point? I liken the feeling to a midlife crisis, except for me it came as a MidYear Crisis. I became quite ill, totally exhausted and a sudden recognition of the passing of time, where my own expectations come under review.  So began a period of self-reflection and looking at health issues. Naturally like many other people, I want to feel better, lose weight, and have more energy. So I have begun a program to attend to some of my identified issues, that includes lots of walks, change my eating habits and give myself some downtime.
Out Walking - Our Lilly Pond

Out Walking - Being Winter i have stubbled across a variety of different toadstools

Out Walking - Enjoying a morning walk with the sun trying real hard to peep through the clouds
Out Walking - Even the cat joins us for the walks

Out Walking - Our Alpacas were surprised to see me in their paddock

Out Walking - One little creature who wasnt impressed with crossing our path
Downtime  - Walking can be very tiring !!