Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dear Diary 2014 - Week 22

26th May 2014 to 2nd June 2014

The colour orange is often used to gain attention as it has a high visibility, and this weeks V&A Diary image caught my eye and evoked a sense of warmth and happiness.  

Orange is a colour associated with joy and creativity. It is a vibrant stimulating colour that is known to enhance happiness and confidence. It is thought to promote a sense of general wellness and emotional energy like understanding, compassion and warmth.

V&A Image {left}  Design by Anna Maria Garthwaite (1690-1763) Spitfields, London, about 1726
My stitched sample has been worked on Dupion silk using Silk Ribbon and Silk Gumnut Threads. For the outer petals, I have engaged a straight stitch and twisted the ribbon before taking the ribbon to the back of the work. The inner petals have been worked using a ribbon stitch.


  1. perfect embroidery always is so beautifully worked. Mounted on the green tab it reminds me of a medal.....

  2. this is so beautiful, so delicate and sits beautifully with the page in the book - lovely