Thursday, May 15, 2014

SS4 - Dark Blue - Ledger Page

For my work with  Karen Ruane's  Simply Sitch 4 online group i have been looking at the colour Blue and what it is known to represent.  In particular the words i have chosen from Dark Blue and True Blue to delve into further are:-
  • Dark Blue = represents knowledge and integrity
  • True Blue =  represents someone loyal and faithful.
I have sought the reference of the Free Dictionary to find the meanings of these words that represent "Dark Blue" and "True Blue". 
loy·al·ty   =  faithfulness to commitments or obligations
faith·ful  =  True to one's word, promises, vows, etc. Reliable, trusted, or believed.
in·teg·ri·ty  =  Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
knowl·edge  =  Learning; erudition: teachers of great knowledge.

 The next step was to look at how these words could be worked into a stitch sampler. Hexagons have been noted for their resemblance to the blue words faithful and loyalty..The reasoning behind this is the well know "Grandmothers Flower Motive" made from hexagons. Grandmothers and Mothers are faithful, reliable and loyal,  always upholding integrity and honesty and teachers of great knowledge.. Then there are the old blue transfers. They have stood the test of time, been around for ever it seems, used by our mothers and grandmothers alike, and now, today, we are turning to them, to be used in our embroidery. Again loyal - faithful - learning and integrity.
So documenting my findings into my ledger has continued. Stitched samplers and snippet cloth have been worked, using lace and old shirts from family members to record and keep their memory close by.
Ledger Page

Ledger Page

Smippet Cloth

Lace Sampler with hand embroidery


  1. love this careful exploration out of the blue

  2. Blue is my favourite colour so I really love what you're doing here. It's wonderful how you have combined the definition of what the colour represents with your work, and how you have thought of the connection between our maternal influences and the colour definition.