Friday, May 16, 2014

Pillows & Pages Class

Throughout March and April of this year i participated in Karen Ruane's online Pillows & Pages Class.  Karen walked us through the steps to create her oversized pin pillow with a pocket, and embellished with hand stitching and fabric manipulation. Once this was completed Karen  demonstrated her ideas to made a ledger page / card  using thread, fabric and a picture of the finished Pillow.  I have now completed my pin pillows and posted the images below. Mine includes loopy bullion knots, french knots, runniing stitch, prairie points and loopy taps to attach sewing tools.  I am still working on completing the pages component of the class. 


  1. beautiful, rich, opulent, desirable, covet, love, wow!!

  2. Ditto what Karen has said above! I am totally in awe of all those incredible bullion knots - absolutely stunning!

  3. the amount of work in these is amazing, they make a collection to be very proud of