Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 17

21.4.14 to 27.4.14
Throughout the 1800 it was a familiar practice for the fabric swatches of dresses / gowns made for the gentry, to be kept in a book often referred to as a “Textile Sample Book”.  Therefore my interpreted sample for this week’s Diary image is in line with a “Textile Sample Book”. I have engaged a yellow floral motif fabric with a piece of lace attached, mounted into a grey card. The gown in the Diary image is a brighter yellow, more of a canary yellow, but i have chosen a softer yellow for this sample.  When looking at the physiological effects of colours, I have read that yellow is used to build self-confidence and encourages optimism.  Yellow is such a happy and uplifting colour. 

Womens sack back gown and petticoat of woven silk, England, 1760-5


  1. That dress is lovely - and you've sampled it beautifully, as always.

    1. Oh Thank you Mary Anne, i appreciate your weekly visits and comments