Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 16

14th April to 20th April 2014

Christening Blanket, brocaded silk, Spitalfields, London, 1725-30
The description for the image is "Christening Blanket".  What an amazing Christening Blanket.
For my stitched sampler, I have picked out the red, green and blue colours of this image.
The materials used are a piece of card, damask fabric, DMC Pearl No 8 thread and sheer organza.
As the image is busy in detail, my stitch sampler has been worked with a minimalistic approach.
Six Bullion knots, Twelve french knots, and a line of running stitch to hold the damask and organza together.


  1. Inch worms!! The bullion knots look like cute little inch worms out for a stroll in the flower garden. Fun!

  2. Another fabulous interpretation Cherie. Using the paper gives yet another layer of texture, and your bullion knots - well, they are just fabulous!

  3. this page makes me soooo happy!

  4. loving following all these interpretations Cherie, you have such an eye for colour and detail

  5. I just love these pages, the organza softens the whole sample and really blends all of the fabrics together, stunning work and great choice of fabric and colours