Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 17

21.4.14 to 27.4.14
Throughout the 1800 it was a familiar practice for the fabric swatches of dresses / gowns made for the gentry, to be kept in a book often referred to as a “Textile Sample Book”.  Therefore my interpreted sample for this week’s Diary image is in line with a “Textile Sample Book”. I have engaged a yellow floral motif fabric with a piece of lace attached, mounted into a grey card. The gown in the Diary image is a brighter yellow, more of a canary yellow, but i have chosen a softer yellow for this sample.  When looking at the physiological effects of colours, I have read that yellow is used to build self-confidence and encourages optimism.  Yellow is such a happy and uplifting colour. 

Womens sack back gown and petticoat of woven silk, England, 1760-5

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SS4 - True Blue - Dark Blue

My Simply Stitch 4 creative journey with Karen Ruane,  has ventured down the path of exploring the colour "Blue"  and the well known phrase "True Blue".   To begin, i am exploring Dark Blue and what it is known to represents.  My investigation has identified that some of the words that represent Dark Blue are  knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. And the phrase -True Blue represents  someone loyal and faithful. In order to have an organised record of my findings i will be mounting my samplers and ideas, thoughts and feelings into a Ledger. I understand a Ledger to be  just that - a ledger - a record, a journal of experiences and notes of interest.  I am hoping this Ledger will be a channel to help me grow with my creative ventures in hand embroidery.  Accordingly, I have began in my ledger by noting down the key words that represent blue, along side my stitch samplers. 
Ledger Page 2:   Paper Transfers and Dark Blue
Ledger Page 2 {photo above}. In class we have been playing with paper transfers, and as a result this ledger page is recording the paper transfer that i used in the below stitch sampler. Additionally i have noted down some of the words that represent dark blue.

Ledger Page 3:     Stitch Samplers and Dark Blue
Ledger Page 3 {photo above}. The sample on the right is from an earlier post, SS4 -True Blue, and the sample on the left is a free machine embroidery technique that Karen demonstrated in class. Again, some of the words that represent Dark Blue and True Blue have been noted down, in preparation for further investigation.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 16

14th April to 20th April 2014

Christening Blanket, brocaded silk, Spitalfields, London, 1725-30
The description for the image is "Christening Blanket".  What an amazing Christening Blanket.
For my stitched sampler, I have picked out the red, green and blue colours of this image.
The materials used are a piece of card, damask fabric, DMC Pearl No 8 thread and sheer organza.
As the image is busy in detail, my stitch sampler has been worked with a minimalistic approach.
Six Bullion knots, Twelve french knots, and a line of running stitch to hold the damask and organza together.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crazy Patch - Silk Indulgence, Embellishing with Buttons, Charms and Trinkets

A garden is not complete without a bird, bee and bug or two.
A crazy patch is definitely not complete without charms and buttons scattered around.
I have complied.
My crazy patch is now complete with the tiniest of buttons and charms - a Snail, Lady Bug, Dragon Fly, Bird and Bee to play amongst the flowers!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 15

7th April 2014 to 13th April 2014

Woman's shoe of brocaded silk, with vandyked tongue, England, about 1720
For the sampler this week, there has been a focus on learning Four Sided Stitch.
Left Page = I have used a blue linen with tea coloured DMC Pearl No8, to pick up the colours in the shoe.
 Right Page  = A piece of very old lace in a similar colour as the shoe

The top section is pulling the four sided stitch tight.
The centre sections is pulling the four sided stitch tight, and leaving a row of thread in between each line.
Lower row is laying the stitch without pulling the thread tight.I like how  I like how this forms a box.

 A piece of very old lace in a similar colour as the shoe

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simply Stitch 4 - "True Blue "

I have been fortunate to participate in  Karen Ruane's online classes, Simply Stitch 1,2,3 and now 4.
Simply Stitch 4 {SS4}, is currently running until August 2014. We will be sampling with fabric, thread, paper, using machine and hand embroidery.  My plan is to follow along behind Karen as she posts demonstrations.  Karen is working in her traditional white colour theme along with the addition of blue. So I thought I would do a touch of research on the colour blue.

Interestingly, Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body.  - Just what i need right now.
It is thought to slow the human metabolism and produces a calming effect. - I require this too.
Blue is associated with tranquillity, calmness, depth and stability and symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom and faith. -  Would not say no to a dose of these qualities.
Light blue is associated with health, healing, tranquillity, understanding, and softness.  - Perfect
Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.  - i have need of these too.

The Language of blue can be utilized to attract the positive aspects of the colour blue from well-known phrases like:
·        True blue - someone loyal and faithful
·        Bluestocking - well-read or scholarly woman
·        Out of the blue - unexpected (could be positive or negative)
·        Blue ribbon - first rate, top prize
·        Bluebook - register of socially prominent people
·        Blueblood - person of noble birth, royalty

As a tribute to Karen Ruane, and everything i have learnt from her, I have named my SS4 Online Class project   "True Blue" .    Karen,  has become a loyal and faithful "Online" friend to me and many others.  Karen provides understanding along with a depth of  stability to her students, and is always there to offer her wisdom and knowledge. It is calming and beneficial to the mind and body to find such an inspirational teacher who offers integrity and loyalty.   So,    "True Blue"  it is..

SS4  "True Blue" Sampler Beginnning

SS4  "True Blue"   Sampler Beginnning

SS4  "True Blue"   Sampler Beginnning

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crazy Patch - Silk Indulgence - Embellishing the seams

Embellishing the seams of a crazy patch with Hand Embroidery Stitches is the fun part of the process. I have used Silk Thread and Silk Ribbon.
The Silk Threads used for this project are from the "Gumnuts Silk Threads" range and the Silk Ribbons are from the "YLI" range.

The stitches engaged are:
  • Feather Stitch
  • Lazy Daisy Stitch
  • French Knots
  • Pistol Stitch
  • Button Hole
  • Ribbon Stitch
The beginning

Heavily Embellished Seams, Silk Ribbon and Silk Thread

Embellished Seam with Silk Thread

Embellished Seam using Silk Thread

Emellished Seams using Silk Thread and Silk Ribbon, Beads and Charm

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 14

31st March to 6th April 2014

Brocaded silk, Spitalfields, London, about 1755
This week began with very warm weather in the Adelaide Hills around 33 degress., then a drop of over 10 degrees on Wednesday, with rain today, Thursday.  It seems to me that the weather is a bit mixed up.   We are now in Autumn, but the image above evokes a spring type quality. To me it is a happy, playful yet sophisticated image. And that is what i have tried to portray in my stitch sampler.

This sampler began in one of Karen Ruane online classes, "Extending Embellishment" about 2 years ago. I am so happy, and feel fortunate and thankful, to have so many small samples from previous classes with Karen Ruane,  to draw on for inspiration or further work. I admit that when taking the classes, {i do, at times}, become overwhelmed at not being able to keep up or even complete the classes. However this Dear Diary Project has proved that the classes and samples i play with, are a valuable part of my creative learning journey. The Samples and Dear Diary Project offer immense satisfaction in times of melancholy and demise of inspiration and motivation.