Monday, March 3, 2014

Simply Stitch 3 - FME


FME, {Free machine Embroidery}, has been unfamiliar territory for me, that is until I saw Karen Ruane demonstrating the technique in her class Simply Stitch 3. The results of Karen Ruane's work with this technique convinced me to experiment.

And so my journey in FME began, equipped with muslin, which is like cheesecloth, and a sewing machine fitted with the free machine embroidery foot.  I was astonished to find how engrossed I became with the free machine embroidery motion, and after a while I noticed that I had drifted along the piece of muslin adding snippets of lace enthusiastically.
Mastering this technique will take a lot more practice, but it has not taken much to convince me to continue on. I am hooked and naturally I am confident that my piece of FME fancies the company of hand embroidery.
I am enchanted with what I have created, my piece is like a dream, frothy clouds that are born to the most magical of worlds.
This image shows the commencement of my FME being adorned with Thread Wrapping and French Knots.

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  1. I would say you have pretty much mastered this already. It's almost as if this process was meant for you Cherie, you have such an affinity with it.