Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Silk Indulgence - Crazy Patch

My Silk Indulgence - Crazy Patch piece has been a WIP since 2010.

It is a project that i pick up for about 1 or 2 days a month., have a play, admire the progress, then pop safely away till next time.
It is a work of pure indulgence. Only, Dupion Silk fabric, Gumnuts Silk threads and Silk Ribbon made the grade for this piece of work.
Not surprising to observe that beads, charms and bits of lace have been allowed to join in.
The predominant feature however is Silk Ribbon.  Ribbon embroidery does looks wonderful on crazy patchwork and quilting, where the beautiful stitches are usually worked along the seams of each patch to embellish and adorn.
Ribbon embroidery is an old-worldly romantic embroidery carried out using ribbon and embroidery floss, to create beautiful floral motifs and decorative stitches by hand, on garments and accessories. Silk ribbon embroidery is as old as the history of ribbon and is also known as Rococo Embroidery
Many of the techniques for ribbon manipulation that we use today are taken from earlier examples and recreated in present day ribbons. Ribbon roses, for instance, were very popular with our Victorian ancestors and their ancestors before them. Ribbon embroidery also had its roots in the elaborate embellishments of the French and English ball gowns and accessories and was later seen in examples of fine handwork on Victorian crazy quilts.

Silk Indulgence, Crazy Patch  Lower, left corner

Silk Indulgence, Crazy Patch Lower, centre left section


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