Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Diary 2014, Week 9

Week 9,  24.2.14 to 2.3.14

Brocaded Silk, probably France  1760s
The colours that sing to me in this image are Apricot and Grey.
Grey is a colour that  is a solid and stable colour, that i feel creates a sense of calm and composure, The color gray is subdued, quiet and reserved and to me it is a relief from a chaotic world.
I have it as the background to my grandmothers flower, which i feel  is fitting, it is there, in the background providing  a conservative, elegant and formal back drop for the apricot which provides warmth and energy

To create this sampler, I have worked  the english paper piecing technique, using the Hexagon cards to form the grandmothers flower motif.   I then added a touch of french knots with silk ribbon.

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