Monday, July 29, 2013

French Knots

Progress on my Gingham Sampler  -  French Knots.
French Knots are one of my favourite stitches and like bullion knots are from the knot stitch family of stitches.. I have been told that a true French knot, only has one wrap – maybe two, but any more wraps and it falls into the bullion knot category.
Keeping with the true French knot advice, I have wrapped only once or twice and have chosen to use threads of different thickness, to ensure the completed French knots are varied in size and thickness. 
To work a French knot I find it easier to use a “Straw Needle” to suit the thread.

Like the bullion knot – French Knot  are another great stitch for texture of  a bumpy style.



  1. I'm here!! I found you!! It looks amazing....

    1. Hi Karen, My first visitor. Welcome!