Monday, July 29, 2013

French Knots

Progress on my Gingham Sampler  -  French Knots.
French Knots are one of my favourite stitches and like bullion knots are from the knot stitch family of stitches.. I have been told that a true French knot, only has one wrap – maybe two, but any more wraps and it falls into the bullion knot category.
Keeping with the true French knot advice, I have wrapped only once or twice and have chosen to use threads of different thickness, to ensure the completed French knots are varied in size and thickness. 
To work a French knot I find it easier to use a “Straw Needle” to suit the thread.

Like the bullion knot – French Knot  are another great stitch for texture of  a bumpy style.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gingham Sampler Progress & Bullion Knots

Gingham Sampler Progress
I have been making Progress with my Gingham Sampler.  Quite slow progress. But progress of an enjoyable nature.

My plan is to have hand embroidery stitches worked over six blocks of colour on the Gingham fabric.
Each block will have a different stitch inside it. My focus will be on texture, and I will use stitches that I feel represent texture.
My aim is to learn, play and practice new stitches, in particular stitches I have not used before.
In addition to this I will be using stitches I already know -  but I will push the boundaries and work them in a different manner., for example I will try using different thread types and thickness, or working the stitch larger or smaller than I  normally would use.

Bullion Knots 
The first stitch I am playing with and in particular – trying them in a different manner to how I normally would work them.

I have worked many of them with around 20 – 30 wraps to produce a stand up U shape. Mine have been worked tightly packed together, on top of each other and around the edge as a border.

These have been worked in a Coton a Broder, Semco and a DMC Stranded Cotton with a straw needle. This type of needle has a long shaft which gives loads of room for wraps,
This will also help pull the threads through the wraps because the shaft and the eye are the same diameter.  

Really love the effect that Bullion Knots create, - texture of a bumpy style