Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Here I am blogging. It isn’t really something I thought I would do. However, I look at blogs created by other people quite often, and feel it is a good way to record the happenings in your life.  It is my intention that my blog will document my journey in learning the different  Hand Embroidery techniques. I have a very limited knowledge of hand embroidery and plan to delve further into the different techniques. In particular I enjoy looking at the traditional techniques and interpreting them into a contemporary manner.

My first post is to record the beginning of a sampler I am working on. This sampler is part of an online class I am participating in with Karen Ruane – Simply Stitching.  Throughout this 8 week class we will be working with basic stitches and using a Gingham or Dupion silk fabric or a fabric of our choice.
The fabric I am using a is Gingham, in pale neutral colours, with threads in a similar colour scheme.  My sampler below shows the beginning of this sampler using seed stitch and bullion knots.

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